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Professional Learning at C.A. Gray

At C.A. Gray, our professional communities are structured like an umbrella. We have the whole staff community in which we share/learn about best practices  regarding teaching and learning. Under the larger umbrella, we are organized into smaller 'communities' in our various departments. Each one of those departments works as a collaborative team with collective responsibility. They work and learn together.

We are blessed at Gray to have many of the structures and supports in place to take advantage of the opportunity to work productively in professional learning communities. Some of those Include:
  • common departmental planning time that occurs daily within the school day
  • each department often includes a gifted instruction specialist, special education teachers who see through a differentiation lens, and CP teachers with a variety of strengths/gifts
  • an established mission that we as a staff believe in 
  • an established norm of common units and common assessments within a course  (with on-going examination of our practices and revision as needed)
  • a school schedule with first period as an additional planning for department heads to work with their department members (class visits, being an co-laborer  in working with students, department head coverage of a class so that a teacher can do a peer observation within his/her own department
  • a school schedule that allows for larger community meetings (professional learning trainings) during planning within the school day which reduces after school trainings
  • additional learning opportunities made available at no cost to the teacher through our RESA (other trainings and endorsements to which a cost is attached that are offered through RESA are often much more affordable than those at other agencies; RESA also offers some online opportunities which help teachers manage their time more flexibly)

Best Practices for Serving ESOL Students -- 9.20.16

  • FOCUS:
  • * ESOL facts.
  • * Current information about the ESOL students attending C.A. Gray this year.
  • * Information related to achievement of our ESOL students.
  • * Instructional strategies.
  • * Opportunity to share methods you have found successful.
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The Lexile Framework for Reading -- 9.12.16

PowerPoint + Overview Handout + SRI Log-in

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Writing across the Curriculum -- 9.6.16

Presenter: Mr. Allen Edwards

Topic: Writing Across the Curriculum 
(Specific writing strategies- handout attached; best practices)

  • Present Milestones scores and potential for growth/deeper learning for our students (District Improvement Plan and School Improvement Plan),
  • District guidance  - "students are to react IN WRITING to what they learn"
  • District guidance - "Activities that involve all students and expect them to stay engaged in order to participate:" If students are told at the beginning of class what they will gain from the class/that they will be required to write this/about this at the end of the class, are reminded of the learning objective during the class, and then held accountable for the writing activity during the closing, the percentage of engagement is increased.  Many teachers struggle to actually do the 'Closing' component of class because they 'teach 'til the bell.'

Implementation: Mr. Smith's direction is that writing strategies are to be used a minimum of two to three times per week as the Closing component in the workshop instructional format in all classes at C.A.Gray as well as implemented during instruction.

Next steps: Within collaborative lesson planning, determine which strategies work well with which lessons. Write those into lesson plans.  Explain and model a strategy before expecting students to use the strategy.  After modeling the strategy for the students, do it with the students, and then expect students to complete the strategy on their own. Click HERE for handout.
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Data Director Training -- 8.23.16

9th Grade Math Lab with M. Bishop.
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EOG/EOC Resources from the GA DOE - Wednesday, 1.27.16

8th Grade Science Hall Computer Lab.Posted 01/20/2016 @ 5:02 PM

De-Escalation Training - Friday, 1.15.16

In Computer Lab G113.

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