C.A. Gray Junior High School

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Dawson's Corner


June 2019: PALS/Reciprocal Teaching  Guest Presenter
                  Text Complexity  Guest Presenter
July 2019: School Improvement Planning
                 Co-Teacher Roles/Rituals/Routines
August 2019: Grading Policy and ESOL Joined by Ms. Amanda Grobe, ESOL Dept. Chair
September 2019: Total Participation & Talk Moves Guest Presenter
                            Classroom Management
October 2019: The Four Primary Causes of Misbehavior
                         Hovering vs Helping


Georgia Milestones: EOG Resources

Georgia Milestones Quick Facts

Georgia Milestones End of Course Assessment Guides

Differentiation Training

Thoughts from Administration: Differentiation is reconstructing your learning environment to meet the needs of the learners that are seated before you. Differentiation can look different in every course. However, here are two questions that drive Differentiation at Gray: 1) Do you know your students before you start teaching? 2) What are you doing to move them forward?

Take-Aways from Dr. Kelly Page (Presentator): 1) Planning with intention in your lessons. 2) Are lessons rigorous? 3) Is your classroom enriched with language?

10-2 Method: Lecture for 10 minutes and let the students talk for 2 minutes.

3-2-1 Method: 3 Things I Know; 2 Things I Learned; 1 Thing I Need to Know.

Homework Assignment: Google an Interest Inventory activity for your students.
Posted 12/05/2017 @ 1:08 PM