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Best Practices for Using ChromeBooks in the Classroom

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Posted 03/10/2017 @ 12:41 PM
Registration is underway!

Click to view the "Registration 101" videos in English / Spanish.

Posted 02/21/2017 @ 3:51 PM
PBIS Kickoff at C.A. Gray!

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Posted 02/09/2017 @ 12:52 PM
"Experience Online Testing Georgia"

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Posted 01/29/2017 @ 7:46 PM
Please join Mrs. Dale & Mrs. Kern in congratulating these HOSA students!

Johnson Dam, HOSA Bowl; Karlie Ellis, Home Health Aid; Maria Hernandez, Medical Reading; Steve Ma, HOSA Bowl; Madison Norman, Physical Therapy; Erick Perez, HOSA Bowl. These 9th grade students made the top 50 in the State of Georgia to earn the right to compete in HOSA's State Leadership Conference. This is just the first hurdle. They must now continue to study their materials and -- for Karlie & Madison -- learn and perform skills associated with their competition. The event will take place in Atlanta March 9, 10 & 11.

Posted 01/29/2017 @ 3:45 PM
Congratulations, Georgia All-State Choir Students!

The following students passed the second All-State auditions and will be going to Athens February 23-25. It is a rigorous audition and has taken them many hours of studying and practice to succeed. Three of them scored in the top 90% in the state! Several of their pieces are in foreign languages! This is the most we have had make it to this level from our school in many years! Bella Barfield (8th); Gavin Baker (9th); Carson Hoes (9th); Morgan Kenney (9th); John Reid Jarvis (9th); Noah Whitaker (9th).
Posted 01/29/2017 @ 3:26 PM
Understanding the Georgia Student Growth Model...

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Posted 01/29/2017 @ 1:16 PM
Check out Flocabulary's "Week in Rap!"

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Posted 11/30/2016 @ 9:29 AM
PSA: Tardy Policy at CAGJHS

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Posted 11/15/2016 @ 12:35 PM

How to use this engaging resource.

Posted 11/09/2016 @ 2:50 PM
Parent-Teacher Conferences

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Posted 09/11/2016 @ 10:09 PM
Colquitt County Schools - Wellness Policy Information

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Posted 10/16/2015 @ 8:58 AM
Testing InformationCharlie A. Gray Junior High School can only provide testing accommodations for PSAT and AP if the accommodations are approved by the College Board.

In order to apply for these accommodations, please see the link below. After the parent/student has completed their portion of the packet and gathered the supporting documentation, the parent will need to make an appointment to see their counselor by calling 229.890.6189.

College Board Services for Disabilities:https://www.collegeboard.org/students-with-disabilitiesPosted 05/25/2016 @ 11:50 AM
Senate Bill 289 - Academic Information

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Posted 04/07/2016 @ 1:30 PM
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2016-17 School Year
Packer Tennis Clinic

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Maker Challenges in Media Center

Mrs. Turner, C.A. Gray's Media Specialist, is offering an incentive to students who work hard and get good grades.
PBIS Kickoff at C.A. Gray - 2.3.17!

Click HERE for more information.
Packer Class in the Spotlight!

Mrs. Dale's Healthcare Science Class.
Moultrie-Colquitt County Library Renovation

Click HERE for more information.

SkillsUSA Field Trip - 12.13.16!

 Support Colquitt County's Humane Society!

Recycling in Colquitt County - 12.7.16

Click HERE for more information.

"See You at the Pole" at CAGJHS - 9.26.16

Video created and published by Mr. Rewis' Video Broadcasting classes on 12.6.16.
PSA: Tardy Policy at CAGJHS

Principal, Mr. Fred Smith - 11.15.16
"Taped Up" in Support of United Way!

Students at Gray donated over $100 during lunch on Friday, 9.30.16 by purchasing strips of tape. Principal Fred Smith was the taped volunteer.

Spirit Day at Shuga Foot - Each Tuesday!

Every Tuesday, customers can come in and state their school / club / organization of choice, and Shuga Foot will donate 10% of the purchase price to that cause! 

Upload your photos for the yearbook!

Submitting photos for your club, classroom, or sport has never been easier! Log-in to the link on the flyer, enter the school code (UUYUGX), and upload the photos directly to the yearbook website.

C.A. Gray's Media Center...

Stop by and see what's new!

Rainbow over C.A. Gray!

This picture was taken by Mrs. Posey on Tuesday, 8.23.16.

Special Olympics Reminders

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C.A. Gray Videos OnDemand:

Click HERE for more information.

"Impose Your Will!"

Inky Johnson: "Be Inspired."
* * * *

"A Closer Look - Colquitt County's System / Community Profile." Click HERE to view the PowerPoint.
* * * *
* * * *

C.A. Gray Jr. High: "In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence..."
* * * *
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Message Board

2016-17 New Staff Fall Social

* Student Handbook

** Schoolwide Improvement Plan

*** Wellness Policy Link

All About C.T.A.E. at C.A. Gray

Avoiding Plagiarism!

Plagiarism refers to a form of cheating that has been defined as
“the false assumption of authorship: the wrongful act of taking the product of
another person’s mind, and presenting it as one’s own” (Alexander Lindley,
Plagiarism and Originality (New York: Harper,1952]2). To use another person’s
ideas or expressions in your writing without acknowledging the source is to
plagiarize. Plagiarism, then, constitutes intellectual theft and often carries severe
penalties, ranging from failure in a course to expulsion from school….

At all times during during research and writing, guard against the
possibility of inadvertent plagiarism by keeping careful notes that
distinguish between your musings and thoughts and the material you
gather from others. A writer who fails to give appropriate
acknowledgment when repeating another’s wording or particularly apt
term, paraphrasing another’s argument, or presenting another’s
line of thinking is guilty of plagiarism. You may certainly use other
person’s words and thoughts in your research paper, but the borrowed
material must not appear to be your creation.
– MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (26)

*Student work containing or consisting largely of plagiarism will be assigned no credit until redone and resubmitted within the given timeframe for late work.

Breakfast & Lunch Menus

C.A. Gray is a No-Bullying Zone!

*Parent Information on Bullying - 02.26.13

C.A. Gray Junior High School is committed to providing all students with a safe and civil school environment in which all members of the school community are treated with dignity and respect. In accordance with federal, state, and local policies, procedures and practices, C.A. Gray Junior High School expressly prohibits the bullying, harassment or intimidation of any person, by any means or method, which occurs on school property, on school vehicles, at designated school bus stops, or at school related functions or activities, or by use of data or software that is accessed through a computer, computer system, computer network, or other electronic technology of a local school system. Students who witness bullying or who are victims of bullying behaviors should make a report to a teacher or school administrator so that an appropriate investigation can take place. If, after an investigation, a student is found to be in violation of the Code of Conduct bullying policy, the student shall be disciplined by appropriate measures up to, and including, suspension and expulsion. Retaliation following a report of bullying is strictly prohibited and may result in strong disciplinary action. For more information on the Colquitt County School System’s policies on bullying click HERE. The following resource offers additional information about this important matter: What Does Bullying and Victim Behavior Look Like?

Expectations for Students

In order to have a successful and productive year:
1. Students must be on time daily to class.
2. Students must be well organized for class and extracurricular activities.
3. Students must manage their time well.
4. Students must learn how to adapt to different teachers, coaches, and sponsors.
5. Students must follow all rules.
6. Students must be aware of their body language and non-verbal behavior.
7. Students must be aware of their verbal behavior at all times.
8. Students must avoid conflicts with their fellow students.
9. Students must take responsibility for their actions.

Georgia's HOPE Scholarship Program Overview

Georgia's Crisis & Access Line

Georgia's Crisis & Access Line
Phone: 1.800.715.4225     Web: mygcal.com

Local School Governance Team

M.L.A. Formatting

- Style Guides + Rubric -

Purdue University - Online Writing Lab:
MLA Formatting and Style Guide

PALS (Extended Learning Time)

Parents' Right to Know

Parents have the right to receive the following information on their child's teacher(s):
-Whether the teacher has met state qualifying and licensing criteria for the grade levels and subject in which they are teaching;
-Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or other provisional status through which state qualification or licensing criteria have been waived;
-The baccalaureate degree major of the teacher and other graduate certification or degree(s) held by the teacher, including the field of discipline of the certification or degree; and
-Whether the child is provided services by paraprofessionals, and, if so, their qualifications.


Charlie A. Gray Junior High School can only provide testing accommodations for PSAT and AP if the accommodations are approved by the College Board.

In order to apply for these accommodations, please see the link below. After the parent/student has completed their portion of the packet and gathered the supporting documentation, the parent will need to make an appointment to see their counselor by calling 229.890.6189.

College Board Services for Disabilities: https://www.collegeboard.org/students-with-disabilities

Visioning Project

"We need to convince kids that 'smart' is cool."

Welcome! Use controls in bottom-right corner to scroll news.
Support the Drama Department at CAG

Shirts are $15 each. Contact Mr. Holton for more information.

Congratulations to these All-State Chorus participants!

Colquitt County School System’s GMEA All-State Chorus students that passed two rigorous auditions performed in Athens, Ga. on Feb. 23-25, 2017.

CA Gray Students: Gavin Baker, Noah Whitaker, Bella Barfield, Carson Hoes, John Reid Jarvis, Morgan Kenney

CCHS: Joshua Molden, Shelby Parrish, Savonte Wilson

WJW: Lilla Craft

School Nutrition managers & staff have RAFFLE TICKETS to sale!
Great prizes to give away March 6th--10th.  Tickets will be drawn each afternoon for a variety of prizes....ranging from RADA items, a Packer quilt,  to a YETI cooler and a $300 Walmart Gift Card.  

Tickets are $1.00 each....purchase yours today for your chance to win a fabulous prize....while contributing towards the local School Nutrition Association fund.  Funds will be used to honor SN employees throughout the year, at the End of Year Banquet, and state sponsored scholarship opportunities.

You can see the prizes available at each cafeteria location...managers have printed flyers with the prizes listed.  OR ..you can stop by the SN office to purchase tickets and see the prizes in person.  Either way....for $1.00 you might be the lucky winner of a YETI cooler!!!
So--get your tickets today.  Winners will be contacted via the SN office as tickets are drawn each day..March 6th--10th.    The more tickets you purchase...the greater chances of winning not one...but more than one great prize!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Visit CAG's Book Fair!

Click HERE for more information.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Our school is a Title I school, and as the parent/guardian of a child attending a Title I school you are an important part of the Title I team. Your input is vital in the planning and implementation of the parental involvement program and activities in our school. The following survey is will be used to assist us with future planning for parental involvement activities and events at our school. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

All surveys may be returned to school with your child or completed online. Scan the code below for online access.

Survey (English)
Survey (Spanish)

Prizes Donated for Media Center Drawing

The media center at C.A. Gray recently added one hundred new titles to its offerings; that’s a “latté” new books. To generate excitement for the new selections and encourage circulation after Christmas break, students could enter a drawing in the media center each time they check out books.  Mrs. Melanie Turner secured prize donations from local coffee shops for the promotion. Pictured here are the January drawing winners: Tony Yang with a donation from Starbucks of both coffee and hot chocolate, and Karley Walden with a $5 Beans and Strings voucher.

CAG held the annual Spelling Bee on 1.19.17 in the cafeteria. Great job to all who competed!

 Special congratulations to our winners: 1st place - Melinda Nguyen; 2nd place - Joshua Doile; 3rd place - Noah McLaughlin!

1st and 2nd place will go on to compete at the System Spelling Bee on February 10, 2017 at Southern Regional Technical College main campus beginning at 9:00 am sharp. Only the 13 winners will compete at the system level bee if in attendance. The runner-up will compete if and only if the winner cannot. The runner-up will also attend the system bee. Also, thanks so everyone who helped so the event went off without a hitch: Beth Miller (pronouncer); Donna Dutton (judge); Melanie Turner (judge); LaJean Reid (judge); Cafeteria staff (for providing cookies and lemonade); Mr. Dalton & Mr. Raymond (for setting up and cleaning after); Ms. Furney & Mrs. Blaylock (printing the programs and certificate). Click HERE for more pictures of this event.

Having Fun with "Hedbanz" in Georgia Studies -- 1.18.17

Who says learning can’t be fun at the hands of your peers? Mrs. Brandie Nolan’s 8th Grade Georgia Studies classes took time out to have a little fun and review with a game based on the popular Hedbanzs. Student knowledge was tested on both sides of the cards: One student had to listen to clues to determine the term while their peers gave accurate hints. Neither notes nor textbooks were used - just brain power!

Candy Cladograms in Biology -- 1.9.17

 Students in Mrs. Lee Causey and Mrs. Stephanie Summerlin’s Biology classes used various types of candy representing species to make their own cladogram -- a branching diagram that shows the evolutionary relationship between species. Students gathered observable traits of the candy and organized them on a chart. They then used the chart to create a cladogram showing the relationship between candy types ("species").

Understanding Sound Waves -- 1.9.17

Students in Dr. Ann Horne’s 8th grade physical science classes completed activities in a variety of stations to help them understand how sound waves travel and to determine the relationships between wavelengths, frequency, pitch, and energy.  In this picture, students are making various wine glasses "sing" to determine which shape produces the best sound. 

Math Students Participate in Maker Challenges - 1.6.17

Eighth grade students in Mrs. Portia Gude’s 6th period and Mrs. Reagan Hall’s 7th period math classes had the opportunity to complete maker challenges this week. The challenges were designed by media specialist Mrs. Melanie Turner to foster creative thinking, teamwork, problem solving, and the design process. These particular classes earned this fun and engaging opportunity by scoring the highest in their courses on December’s final exam.

CAGJHS SkillsUSA Members Aid Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society

C.A. Gray Jr. High School SkillsUSA Members sponsored a drive to benefit our local Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society so they can remain a no-kill shelter.  Items donated included dog food, cat food, bleach, and Lysol.  Students raised awareness and made posters around campus, and also created Public Service Announcements in Mr. Rewis's Video Broadcasting class.  SkillsUSA would like to thank everyone at C.A. Gray who donated.  A special thank you to Mrs. Yvonne Stancil for volunteering and covering classes so that members could take a Field Trip to the Humane Society.

C.A. Gray's FCCLA Leadership: "Toward New Horizons!"

{ Picture by Mrs. Lisa Johnson - 12.15.16 }

Holiday Spirit on CAG's Campus!

C. A. Gray staff and students are getting into the holiday spirit by participating in December dress-up days. Principal Fred Smith stated in reaction to the staff’s enthusiasm, “I work at the greatest school in the world with some of the smartest and most creative people on the planet! Your energy to be fun and creative demonstrates your passion for being positive and joyous about our holiday season. The holiday season can be a tough time sometimes for our students and faculty, but the spirit that you all exude by doing what you do, can bring solace for more than you know. Thank you for what you do!”

Click HERE to see more pictures.

ENVOY & LADIES Clubs visit Valdosta State University

The LADIES Club and The ENVOY Club visited Valdosta State University on December 2 for a college tour. The clubs received encouraging words on the importance of academics and the value of an education from two of VSU's campus organizations: The Distinguished Women and the Collegiate Men of VSU.

Click HERE for more pictures.

SkillsUSA Moultrie Humane Society Public Service Announcements

Click HERE to listen to the "PSA for Radio."
Parents: Please complete our Annual School Climate Survey by 3.3.16. Thanks!

We value parent input; therefore, our school is participating in the Georgia Department of Education’s (GaDOE) annual school climate surveys.  The 2016-17 survey window is open October 3 - March 3, 2016. The results will go into our district's School Climate Star Ratings, which are part of each school's annual College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI).

The Georgia Parent Survey is 24 questions.  Parents may use their personal computers, smartphones or iPads to complete the survey.  Parents that do not have access to the Internet, may contact the school to schedule a time to complete the survey at the school. 

Georgia High School Student Video Contest - 11.28.16

Video Broadcasting students (Kacey Croft, Glenn Rodriguez, Lance Giles, & Nathan Corley) in Mr. Rewis's class at CA Gray are seen here filming a scene for the Georgia High School Student Video Contest. Students were tasked to create a thirty second Public Service Announcement (PSA) to encourage their peers to reject prescription drug abuse. You may view their video by visiting tinyurl.com/RxDrugAbuse

Videos to Show Learning in Mr. Yarbrough's World History Classes

Students in Mr. Yarbrough's 9th grade World History class are working hard to create a PowToon or WeVideo based on the early civilizations of Africa. PowToon and WeVideo allows the students to create an animated video or live video to express what they have learned about early African civilizations. Students began presenting their videos on Monday, November 7th.

ESOL Strategies Training a Success

Mr. Stephen Paine kept teachers engaged as he shared a number of valuable resources and technology tools that will help teachers support students. The workshop (held 11.1.16) was directed toward reaching ESOL learners, but C.A. Gray teachers were excited about using these strategies with all students. (Top left to right: Lisa Walters, Carrie Parker, Stephen Paine, Mrs. Paine. Bottom left to right: Margie Holman, Reagan Hall, student teacher Savannah Richardson, Julie Craft, and Sheila Smith).

Mrs. Martinez's Students Design Paper Airplanes for Competition

Students enrolled in Mrs. Donna Martinez’s Technology/Engineer class at C.A. Gray designed paper airplanes for a competition. The students received points for completed obstacles, distance flown, and materials used. Students spent weeks researching, designing, and creating prototypes of paper airplanes. The purpose of the activity was to discover the four forces that come into play when flying - drag, gravity, thrust, and lift. (10.18.16)

Parent Night at CAGJHS - Tuesday, 10.11.16

C. A. Gray held a parent night on Tuesday, October 11th with informational break-out sessions on topics ranging from eighth grade math homework help to support for ninth grade biology to getting ready for the PSAT and SAT. Dr. Cindy Hall (left) from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and Joyce Halstead (right) from Southern Regional Technical College are seen here presenting information about the Move On When Ready program. Students in ninth through twelfth grade have the opportunity to take college-level classes on the CCHS campus or the ABAC and SRTC campuses to earn dual credit.

Healthcare Students Discuss Hurricane Preparedness

On the Thursday before South Georgia was rocked by Hurricane Hermine, students in Mrs. Daphne Dale's healthcare class at CAGJHS were deep in a timely discussion. The topics included how to prepare for disasters and how healthcare professionals aid in disaster preparedness and relief. Students from Mrs. Dale's 7th period class are featured in the photo.

2016-17 Title I Parental Involvement Survey:

Click HERE for more information.

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2016-2017 Calendar